What is Sex Drive | Sex Drive Meaning

Introduction To Sex Drive How do you describe your sex drive? You often hesitate to talk about sexual activity or related actions or parts with your partner. Your words remain incomplete regarding sexual desire or sexual activity in this hesitation. Then you fall silent, or instead, you cannot express this feeling in words due to … Read more

Libido Max Red vs Libido Max Pink

Introduction Having low or high libido affects your quality of life. Libido means – “desire to have sex” or eroticism. When you are ready to have sex with your partner, it is valuable time for you and your partner. But if during sexual activity suddenly you or your partner’s sexual excitement disappears. Or the sexual … Read more

What is Libido | Libido Meaning & Definition

Introduction The desire for sex within the human race, or the excitement generated by touch at sensitive places, is sexual desire. A person’s libido is driven by the brain and learned behavior regardless of gender. According to your mental state, hormone changes, and stress, fluctuates inside you. Some medicines for those whose sex hormones remain … Read more

How Does Viagra Spray Works?

Introduction Intense and satisfying sex with our partner is the ultimate desire we all wish to come true. Unhappily, our day-to-day frustration due to increased workloads has somehow been interrupted here. But! Not an issue at all. Science has made every situation a win-win. Viagra is a good result of that. And men use viagra … Read more

Can Ladies Use Viagra Tablets?

Introduction Can ladies use viagra tablets? Are you keeping yourself alone while giving a read to this blog? Really, that is the thinking that the people around us and we need to conquer. Sex is biological activity. And just like our body needs food and drink, it also demands sex. So, why is it so … Read more

Himcolin Gel Vs Viagra Which one is better?

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How Long Does Viagra Last?

Introduction To Viagra Believe it or not, Viagra (Sildenafil) tablet is a more effective suppressant than common drugs. A man commonly uses it to treat sexual problems such as impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Syndefinal in combination with sexual arousal increases the speed of blood flow to the male penis. Which helps the male achieve … Read more

What Is Shilajit? | What Are The Shilajit Uses & Benefits?

What Is Shilajit? Shilajit is herbal medicine. According to Ayurveda, it is a natural boon for men. As much as this medicine is beneficial for men, it is also helpful for women. Shilajit is a naturally occurring herb in the Himalayan mountains. It comes in the form of a viscous substance formed after the slow … Read more

Viagra Before and After

Introduction You may have already used the Viagra pills, but are you using Viagra under complete guidance? Viagra (Sildenafil) drug is commonly used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Let us tell you, What is the effect on our body before and after taking Viagra? What will be the effect if we stop using it … Read more